Hideharu Watanabe  Of counsel・Japanese Patent Attorney


Watanabe is Of counsel in MEBUKI IP LAW FIRM.

Watanabe has provided many clients with legal service about intellectual properties. He has handled filing of patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark applications, their prosecutions, appeal procedures for invalidation of patents and registered trademarks, opposition procedures of patents, licensing activities of patents and registered trademarks, patent and trademark related litigations, and advice about freedom to operate.

His clients are not only any sized companies, universities and national research institutes but also local governments and individuals. He has domestically and internationally worked in both the IP section of a precision machinery company and his patent law firm.

A part of his actual results in the IP section were as follows:

・Obtaining of a license for producing and selling motors from a West German motor manufacturer (1992)

・Winning lawsuit about patent and copyright infringement litigations in Hong Kong (1991)

・Obtaining of a license for producing and selling magnetic heads from a Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer (1990)

・Settlement agreement in the patent litigation with a U.S. company manufacturing time switches (1989)

・Transfer of a registered trademark, “ZAX” to another company (1985)

・Transfer of a patent to an automobile manufacturer (1984)

・Establishment of patent portfolios about novel music boxes and dampers for refrigerator (1982-1983)

In his patent law firm, he was in charge of some big litigations rescinding the trial decision and appeals for invalidation. His winning or settlement ratio was over 80%.With regard to technical fields, he is so positive about mechanical engineering, optoelectronics, electromagnetism and technology of motor.


Of counsel in MABUKI IP LAW FIRM, since 2017

Employee in Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd., since 2013

Director in Association for International Intellectual Property Promotion, since 2012

Partner in IAT WORLD PATENT LAW FIRM, 2002-2016


Representative in WATANABE & ASSICIATES INTERNATIONAL, 1995-2000

Staff and then IP manager in Sankyo Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Present: NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATION), 1972-1995


Japan Patent Office and Intellectual Property High Court: As Japanese Patent Attorney since 1981.


B.S., Physics, University of Nagoya, 1972


・“2 points that an applicant should pay attention after a decision of patent and proposition about those”, Patent, Vol.67, No.6 (2014)・“Interview to the Japanese-affiliated company which went into China? The real feelings Information of intellectual properties and management information I got in China”, Patent, Vol.62, No.10 (2009)
・“Basic knowledge and know-how needed in contract related to technology”, Patent, Vol.57, No.2 (2004)

*Appear as a commentator.

・About the fact that Kenjiro Sano, who is suspected of plagiarizing the Tokyo Olympic Emblem, is creating a new thing (Television news, Good ! Morning, August 14,, 2015)

・About the problem that Belgian theater logo closely resembles “Tokyo Olympic emblem” (Television news, Good ! Morning, July 31,, 2015)

・About 25% of Chiba’s place names are known to be trademarked in China while unknowingly (Television news, Super J Channel, October 4, 2012)

・About China not only imitating the theme park but also exporting itself (Television news, Super J Channel, May 26, 2012)

・About Taiwan trademark of “Uotami (Fishmen)” (Television news of a nationwide broadcast, 2010)

・About heading icons (Television news, Super J Channel, March 18, 2008)

・About Chinese trademark of “Muji(Mujirushi Ry?hin)” and “Crayon Shin-chan” (Television news of a nationwide broadcast, 2005)

・Basic requirements of patent and “definition of business model patent”, by Bit Business, Diamond Company, 1998NEWSPAPER

・Comment on the fact that Epson filed a lawsuit against a total of 24 companies in the United States, China, Korea, Germany and Hong Kong regarding printer cartridges by Shinano Mainichi Newspaper on February 21, 2006


A total of 97 lectures were held from 2010 to July 2017

*Below are examples

・“What is intellectual property? ” at Shinshu University, National University Corporation (July 27, 2017).

・” How to formulate an intellectual property strategy and points to keep in mind” at Information Technology Corporation , which is engaged in holding lectures (May 18, 2017).