Toshio Miyake  Japanese Patent Attorney


Toshio is one of members of MEBUKI IP LAW FIRM.

He focuses his practice on application and prosecution of patent, utility model, and trademark, including counseling, evaluation, and rendering validity and infringement opinions.

His experience also includes the highly specialized practice of Oppositions and Invalidation trials before Japan Patent Office.His technical expertise pertains to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic devices, food chemistry, cosmetics, health care technology, polymer chemistry and organic chemistry.

As a former manager and licensing coordinator of intellectual properties at the University and National Institute, he is able to offer additional insight and guidance on Collaborations with academic institutes, in particular, Joint Research and technology transfer therefrom.


Associate in MEBUKI IP LAW FIRM, since 2017

Representative in MIYAKE PATENT FIRM, since 2016

Coordinator at Technology Transfer Office, RIKEN, 2016-2017

Associate in TSUKUNI & ASSOCIATES, 2011-2015

Office of Intellectual Property, the University of Tokyo, 2008-2010

Associate in KATO & ASSOCIATES, 2000-2008

Engineer and Researcher in TOSOH Corporation, 1981-2000


All District Courts: As Specially Qualified Attorney for Infringement Litigation since 2005.

Japan Patent Office and Intellectual Property High Court: As Japanese Patent Attorney since 2000.


B.S. Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University, 1981


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